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Vista for Preform Manufacturers

We at HunterLab know that color is integral to your product. Clients purchasing transparent plastic bottles depend on your processes to ensure that their product and their brand are represented correctly. Whether your preforms are perfectly clear, lightly tinted, or anywhere in between, you rely on a transmission spectrophotometer. But in your fast-paced quality control lab or production facility, it’s not enough to take measurements—you need to take them efficiently. That’s why we engineered Vista. It takes up less space, requires fewer steps, is easy to use, and simple to maintain. It easily connects to SPC and LIMS systems for data management and requires a single sample holder to accommodate a wide range of preform sizes. That’s efficient.

Small lab. Small instrument.

There’s no way around it, you need QC instrumentation to ensure your product’s success, and it will always take up space in your lab. Vista is a standalone instrument, which means that it does not require a PC to operate it. It can operate standalone, or if desired, data can be transmitted to a PC, SPC, LIMS system, or a company server via Ethernet, Serial and USB connectivity. It’s also smaller, about ⅓ the size of earlier spectrophotometers. With Vista, good things come in small packages

Sample holders designed just for your products.

As a result of working directly with your industry, we designed Vista with a single sample holder to fit your range of preform sizes. It adjusts automatically, ensuring proper alignment with a minimum of effort. It also attaches to Vista magnetically, saving installation time while keeping your preform securely affixed. One easy to use holder for most preform sizes. We’re making the process as simple as we can. This way the only thing you need to think about is making an excellent product.

Simplicity. Simplicity. Simplicity.

We know that your technicians have enough on their plates. That’s why dealing with complicated daily setups and a labyrinthine of menu options will only slow them down. So we designed Vista to calibrate at the touch of a button. This does away with complicated standardization routines. Once you’ve selected your parameters from your saved files, Vista measures at the touch of the button, too. Place the sample. Take the measurement. Read the screen. Remove the sample. Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.

At HunterLab, we’ve been working with the plastic preform industry for 64 years. Our businesses have grown together, and in that time, we’ve gotten to know you. That’s why we designed Vista to be the ideal color measurement solution for your production facility. To learn more about how Vista can improve your process, contact our friendly, knowledgeable sales force today.

Other applications for Plastics


Ensuring Uniformity Across Sheets of Plastic Films. We know important it is for films to have uniform transparency and be haze-free. That’s why we designed Vista. Its design and software are made for measuring films and guaranteeing transparency. Read on to find out more about how Vista can ensure your films are up to standard.

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