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Vista for Plastic Films

Color quality isn’t just an option—it’s essential. We know that your plastic is a part of your clients’ brands, and that color and transparency are important indicators of quality. That’s why we built Vista, the world’s first combined transmission spectrophotometer that can measure both color and haze simultaneously. Not only is Vista able to do the work of two instruments more efficiently, it’s also smaller and more affordable than either.

Simple instrument. Simple process.

Maintenance is a tedious necessity to ensure the longevity of your instrumentation. As the old saying goes, time is money, and maintenance takes time. That’s why we designed Vista. Its LED light source is rated for continuous use for at least five years before replacement. The sample compartment door is the only moving part, which reduces wear and tear. It does away with external calibration procedures and is standardized with the push of a button. Additionally, its sample holders and menu setups reduce operator time and decrease the risk of error. It’s as simple as that.

Different data for different needs

We know that thin films may exhibit variations in color and transparency, so multiple color and haze measurements across the same sheet are necessary to ensure consistency. Vista does this. It also is equipped to compare them to your standards individually or averaged together in any combination. This allows you to determine if the whole sheet is uniform, and to find out where any deviations lie.

Proper tension. Uniform measurements.

We at HunterLab know how important it is to ensure uniform transparency across your films, regardless of whether they are flexible or rigid. Vista is set up so that 6”x6” square samples of rigid films can be easily run through the sample compartment and measured at the touch of a button. For flexible sheet plastics, our simple one-step sample holder can stretch samples to create a uniform measurement surface. This eliminates wrinkles and ensures that your QC initiatives are precise.

Complex measurements. Simple instrument.

When your technicians are measuring large volumes of plastic every day, slogging through menu after menu to prepare for each sample and display the results eats up a lot of time. It also contributes to the risk of operator error. With Vista, once a saved standard has been selected, operators can take measurement after measurement with the touch of a button. The results can display automatically, allowing them to quickly check for deviations and move on.

With 64 years experience developing color measurement solutions for the plastics industry, HunterLab has learned a lot about what our clients want in a color measurement instrument. We put that knowledge to use when designing Vista. To learn more about how Vista can help improve your quality control process, contact our friendly, knowledgeable sales force today.

Other applications for Plastics


Sample Holders Designed for Preform Manufacturers. Vista is the ideal instrument for measuring preforms. It is equipped to accommodate your samples, it has a small footprint, and it is easy on the wallet. Read on to find out more about how Vista can keep your preform manufacturing process running smoothly.

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