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Colors kept consistent. Customers kept satisfied.

Color consistency is a major attribute of your syrup’s brand. Businesses using your syrup in their food or beverage base their recipes on its color. That’s why you depend on transmission spectrophotometers to ensure that each batch is up to standard. But time is money, and measuring samples with old, slow spectrophotometers will hold up your production schedule. In crowded labs, these massive instruments used to clutter up your benchtop, reducing efficiency. Also, their complicated interfaces raised the risk of operator error. We realized that these inefficiencies are avoidable. That’s why we engineered Vista to be our fastest, smallest, and simplest transmission and haze spectrophotometer.

Easy to learn. Simple to use.

Complex instrumentation means longer and more expensive employee training. They also increase the probability of user error. We made Vista as simple to use as possible. One-touch menus allow technicians to set up measurements without crawling through a morass of confusing options. One-touch standardization means technicians can skip tedious calibration procedures using disks that can become discolored or lost over time. Magnetic sample holders align each sample correctly on the first try. If you can use a smartphone, you can use Vista.

Hard to spill. Easy to clean.

Syrups are sticky. When a vial spills, the clean-up will slow down your progress and it can ruin your instrument. Syrup seeps into small gaps, damages delicate electronics, and coats optics. With Vista, this isn’t a problem. We engineered our instrument to be as spill-proof as possible. Our magnetic sample holder reduces the risk of spills by keeping things in place. Our large sample compartment allows technicians to fit their hand inside and place samples without discomfort. The large size also makes cleanup easy, giving your technicians elbow room to work out the stickiest syrup residue. And because our sample compartment is self-contained, you never have to worry about seepage or splashes that can cause damage. It’s okay. You can make a mess.

Twice the instrument. Less than half the cost.

Color isn’t the only quality check you need to perform on your syrups. Haze measurements will identify contaminants that may stem from your raw materials or your production process. Historically, haze measurement instruments were large, slow, and expensive. Don’t worry, though—we took care of it. Vista can measure color and haze simultaneously, with industry-leading accuracy. It takes readings significantly faster than standalone instruments and streamlines your process by eliminating unnecessary steps. It’s ⅓ the size of other spectrophotometers and ½ the size of standalone haze measurement instruments. At the same time, it’s ⅔ the price of other spectrophotometers and ½ the price of haze measurement instruments. Vista saves you time, space, and money.

HunterLab has over 64 years experience providing color measurement solutions for syrup manufacturers large and small. We designed Vista with your needs in mind. To learn more about how Vista can improve your lab’s efficiency and production, contact our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff today.

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Edible Oils

AOCS (Wesson method) & LOVIBOND® Compatibility for Edible Oils Manufacturers. Your technicians are already absorbing rivers of information on your production, processes, and products. Complicated instrumentation will only slow them down. Lucky for you, Vista has all the color scales you need and is simple to use. Read on to find out more.

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Food Dyes & Colorants

R&D Capabilities for Food Dye Manufacturers. When you’re measuring the color of hundreds of samples every day, you need an instrument that’s both fast and easy to use. Read on to find out more about how Vista’s built-in memory reduces calibration time and your time spent scrolling through menus

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