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Vista for Beverage Manufacturers

Your color is your brand. We know that small distilleries, mid-sized breweries, global soda makers, and companies across the beverage industry rely on accurate color measurement to keep their brands consistent and customers happy. However, in a stiffly competitive industry with narrow margins, accuracy isn’t enough. Market realities demand efficient time usage, space, and capital. So when we engineered the Vista, we didn’t only build it to guarantee industry-leading precision. We built it to be the fastest, smallest, most affordable, most efficient, most connected transmission spectrophotometer available. So you don’t have to waste any time getting your thirsty customers the drinks they love.

Complicated Schedules. Simple Instrument.

Your laboratory tests dozens of different beverages and flavors every day. For technicians, switching between the scales associated with all these different beverages can be incredibly tedious. That’s why we simplified Vista’s user interface to be as easy to use as the phone in your pocket. Switching between scales just takes a few touches. So you can go from Manzana soda to a cucumber sports drink in a couple quick swipes.

Sample Simplicity. Sample Efficiency.

Measurement speed and menu setup aren’t the only factors reducing efficiency in your busy beverage lab. To properly measure any liquid sample, a technician needs to align it correctly within the instrument and do it the same way every time. This used to be a tedious process. Each sample required tiny screws and dials to be adjusted in a tiny sample compartment. Spills were common and frustrating. We addressed this by redesigning Vista’s sample holder. We ditched the painful screws for simple magnets. We expanded the compartment size too. This makes the process a lot faster, and samples less likely to spill. On the chance that you do make a mess, the large sample compartment is easy to clean. It’s self-contained, too, for good measure, protecting your instrument’s optics and electronics.

Fast-Paced Laboratories. Fast-Paced Measurements

Performing QC on the soda, juice, sports drinks, tea, beer, wine, spirits, and bottled water that you produce will cram your lab technician’s schedules to the minute. With hundreds of measurements to make each shift, 30 seconds per measurement turn becomes hours of work. When we engineered Vista, we replaced the older system of multiple low-power processors with a single, high-speed computer. Vista can now measure color in under 5 seconds. That’s efficient.

Crowded Laboratory. Convenient Size

Business has been good to small and medium beverage makers lately, fuelling expansion and a rising tide of mergers and acquisitions. While your production volume and customer base has grown recently, you might still be operating out of the same facilities you started in. As you know, quality control is necessary to ensure consistency as the volume of your product grows. This means more equipment, more technicians, more samples, and less workspace. We know how crowded things can get, so we designed the Vista to be ⅓ the size of older transmission spectrophotometers. And because it assesses color and haze simultaneously, it replaces your old haze measurement instrument entirely. Now your technicians will finally have a place to put their coffee down.

With over 64 years experience developing color measurement solutions for the global beverage industry, HunterLab has a deep understanding of your operation’s needs. We built our Vista transmission color and haze spectrophotometer to deliver the results you rely on in the simplest, fastest, most cost-effective way possible. To learn more about how Vista can upgrade your beverage operation, contact our friendly, knowledgeable sales team today.

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