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Edible Oils

Vista for Manufacturers of Edible Oils

We know that color is a major attribute of your brand. That’s why you rely on transmission spectrophotometers to ensure that your production processes are producing consistent color from batch to batch. While your bulky, complicated, unconnected old spectrophotometer might stick out in your modern laboratory. We designed Vista to be the smallest, most connected, and easiest to use instrument available.

Easy to learn. Simple to use.

With so much to learn about your production, your processes, and your methods, we thought we’d make learning your instrumentation as easy as we could. We designed Vista to be the simplest spectrophotometer available. Self-aligned sample holders make adjustment easy. One-touch standardization eliminates the complicated daily calibration ritual. One-touch operation simplifies the measurement process. Place the sample, press the button, read the display, repeat. That’s all there is to it.

Crowded laboratory. Compact instrument.

With every inch of your laboratory’s benchtop space already taken up by an instrument, PC, or samples, it can be tough to find a place to put your lab book, let alone a new spectrophotometer. We know how tight it can get, so we built Vista to be ½ the size of earlier spectrophotometers. That doesn’t add clutter. It subtracts it. Better yet, Vista can simultaneously measure color and haze, replacing your monolithic haze measurement instrument entirely. That’s a big difference.

Every scale for any oil.

We know your edible oils aren’t all measured on the same color scale. So we included every scale they might be measured on. Vista comes loaded with AOCS RY (Wesson Oil): 0 - 20 Red & 0 - 70 Yellow; LOVIBOND® RY: 0 - 70 Red, Yellow; L*a*b*; Haze & Turbidity. This way, you can measure your oil any way you need to. Vista even allows you to take measurements on multiple scales simultaneously.

Hard to spill. Easy to clean.

There’s no use crying over spilled samples. Unless you’re dealing with complex, delicate instruments and electronics, which can be seriously damaged by foreign liquids and cost thousands of dollars to replace. Nobody wants that. So we enlarged our sample compartment and simplified our sample holder. It’s easier than ever to place a sample, reducing the risk of spills. If an accident does happen, our compartment is self-contained, so your oil will never damage the instrument’s optics or electronics. And because the sample compartment is so large, it’s easy to clean if something ever does spill. No more spills. No more tears.

Modern connectivity. Process oversight.

We know that quality control and assurance is more than just checking the numbers on a display and passing a sample along. You need to collect and analyze your data to stay on top of any variations in your raw materials, and your bleaching and deodorizing processes. To record and archive this data earlier spectrophotometers needed to be connected to a PC. This slowed down measurements and added another machine to the benchtop. We figured if your phone could do better, your spectrophotometer ought to as well. So we designed Vista to connect to your PC, SPC, LIMS system, or your company’s server via Ethernet, Serial and USB connectivity.

With 64 years experience developing color measurement solutions, HunterLab is a trusted name in the industry. We’ve worked extensively with producers of edible oils during our time in the field, and have taken the needs of your business into account as we designed our latest product. To learn more about how Vista can help your company, contact our friendly, professional sales force today.

LOVIBOND® is a registered trademark of The Tintometer Ltd., UK.

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