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Vista for the Food Industry

The food production is a competitive industry with strict QA, QC and FDA demands. Providing excellent products is no longer enough to stay ahead of the competition, you also need state-of-the-art testing facilities. Digitized, automated, precise and low maintenance instrumentation will help set you apart from your competition. This is why we at HunterLab designed Vista. It ensures process reliability and guarantees brand consistency. Whether you’re making beverages, edible oils, syrups, or food dyes and colorants, Vista has you covered.

A dual-purpose color and haze transmission spectrophotometer, Vista is designed specifically to meet the needs of your application. Follow the links to our application pages to see how Vista can specifically help you.



Brand Consistency for Beverage Manufacturers. Vista’s easy to use interface is perfect for beverage manufacturers whose QC requires multiple color scales. It’s small size, combined haze measurements and low cost make it almost as palatable as your products. Read on to find out more

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Edible Oils

AOCS (Wesson method) & LOVIBOND® Compatibility for Edible Oils Manufacturers. Your technicians are already absorbing rivers of information on your production, processes, and products. Complicated instrumentation will only slow them down. Lucky for you, Vista has all the color scales you need and is simple to use. Read on to find out more.

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Food Dyes & Colorants

R&D Capabilities for Food Dye Manufacturers. When you’re measuring the color of hundreds of samples every day, you need an instrument that’s both fast and easy to use. Read on to find out more about how Vista’s built-in memory reduces calibration time and your time spent scrolling through menus

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Color Quality Control for Syrup Manufacturers. We know how important the color and haze measurements are for QA. Vista can save you time and lab space doing these. We’ve also made it ready to handle the stickiest of spills. Read on to find out more.

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