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Solvents and Intermediates

Vista for Modern Solvent Manufacturers

Solvent Measurements Solved

We know how important it is to keep your solvents and intermediates water white and crystal clear. Any color or turbidity in your product correlates to impurities, which lower the grade of your solvents. We know that solvents that less pure than advertised can create liabilities for your company down the line, as impure solutions can throw off user measurements, diminish product quality, and damage valuable equipment. In a high-reliability industry, small deviations mean big problems. That’s why we built the Vista transmission spectrophotometer with industry leading accuracy to measure color and haze simultaneously.

Peace of Mind. Purity of Solvents.

Solvent quality assurance isn’t just about making sure a single batch meets purity standards; it’s about making sure that every batch does. Yellow ethanols or hazy HCl indicates an issue in raw materials or in your production process. This can be an easy fix—if it’s noticed. We preloaded the Vista with industry standard scales like APHA, Pt/Co, and Gardner to give your technicians the tools they need for accurate testing, all at the touch of a single button.

Simple Setup. Safe Workers.

Spills happen. However, they’re particularly inconvenient and potentially harmful when you’re measuring strong caustics like sulfuric acid and toxic chemicals like pesticides and lacquer thinner. Supplying PPE and safety training will help your employees deal with spills, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is why we designed the Vista with a sample compartment that to minimizes the risk of spills. Our larger than average compartment allows technicians to place and remove samples without having to squeeze their hands inside of it. This also means that it’s easy to reach in and clean, too, even after strong acids are messily neutralized. Its magnetic sample holders help technicians secure cuvettes and vials quickly and simply. The welfare of your workers matters to us. We built the Vista with their safety in mind.

Self-Contained Sample Compartment. Spill-proof Electronics.

As scientists, you know that entropy always wins. Accidental spills happen.Your workers are protected by their PPE, but what about your equipment? Strong corrosives can damage delicate electronic components and their optics. Since we can’t engineer humans to handle samples better, we built the Vista strong enough to stand up to the strongest caustic. Our self-contained sample compartment eliminates the risk of hazardous liquids reaching our optics or electronics. So even if the worst happens, it isn’t really all that bad.

Lower Exposure. Lower Risk.

The easiest way to lower risk is to lower exposure—if you don’t want to get struck by lightning, stay inside. Using separate color and haze measurement instruments means your technicians have two opportunities to spill a dangerous caustic. By combining color and haze measurement into a single instrument, Vista cuts exposure to each sample in half. Incidentally, this halves benchtop footprint, measurement time, and ongoing maintenance costs, too. Did we mention the Vista is half the price of standard standalone haze measurement instruments?

Making Room in the Fume Hood.

Keeping workers safe while measuring volatile substances like ethanol, methanol, and acetone means working in a fume hood. We’ve never worked in a fume hood that wasn’t crowded, so we know how much space matters. This is why we designed the Vista to be ⅓ of the size of other transmission spectrophotometers and it entirely replaces haze measurement instruments. Furthermore, Vista can email results or securely transfer data over Ethernet connections, too, so it doesn’t require a PC. Your fume hood just got a lot bigger.

HunterLab has more than 64 years experience working closely with solvents and intermediates manufacturers to develop ideal color measurement solutions. To learn more about how Vista can make your process easier, contact our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff today.

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