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Vista for Modern Polymer Manufacturers

We know that you depend on transmission spectrophotometers and haze measurement instruments for QA/QC of your materials. However, in a competitive industry, precision is only one of the ingredients for success. Success demands efficiency of time, of space, of capital. So when we designed Vista for the polymer industry, we designed it to be the fastest, smallest, most affordable, and most connected spectrophotometer on the market.

Faster measurements. Faster approval.

Your clients don’t want to wait for their deliveries, and you don’t need holdups in QA/QC. Vista’s single processor improves on earlier instruments. It takes color measurements in two seconds, whereas earlier models used to take thirty. Not only does it cut measurement time, it also reduces setup and reporting time through one-touch menu selection, magnetic sample holders, and wireless connectivity. Combining color and haze in a single simultaneous measurement eliminates the haze measurement step entirely. Time saved is money earned.

Vista gets it while it’s hot.

Vista’s measurement speed ensures accurate results. We know how important it is for your samples to have a uniform temperature and density to obtain accurate transmission measurements. Slow readings will result in sample cooling and density gradients. Vista’s rapid measurements eliminate this issue and give you accurate and precise measurements each time.

Small enough to fit your fume hood

We know that spectrophotometers aren’t the only instruments vying for your benchtop space. Clutter reduces your technicians’ efficiency, causes disorganization, and can cause accidents. Vista’s ⅓ the size of earlier spectrophotometers and it eliminates the need for a dedicated haze measurement instrument. Best of all, it can connect to your cloud or server wirelessly, which means it is a 100% standalone instrument. That clears up a lot of space, both in your lab and in your crowded fume hood.

Fewer spills. Safer employees.

To spill is human. We can’t prevent this risk entirely, so we engineered Vista to mitigate it as much as possible. Our large sample container allows technicians to place samples without needing to awkwardly squeeze into a tight space. Our magnetic sample holder lets them align the sample correctly in one smooth motion, without adjusting tiny screws and clamps. Combining color and haze measurement cuts exposure time in half. And even if a spill does happen, our self-contained sample compartment protects Vista’s optics and electronics. The large size makes it easy to clean and keeps it protected from cleaning solvents. That cuts down frequency and severity, keeping your employees safe and your production on schedule.

With over 64 years experience developing color measurement solutions, HunterLab has developed a deep knowledge of the needs of polymer manufacturers. Learning directly from the leading companies in the field, we designed Vista to meet the specific needs of your operation. To find out more about how Vista can help improve your quality control process, contact our friendly, knowledgeable sales professionals today.

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Vista has all the color scales you need and more. LOVIBOND®, APHA/Pt-Co/Hazen Compatibility for Petrochemical Manufacturers. We’ve made it easy to use so that your employees safely and efficiently take measurements. Read on to find out more about how Vista can improve your petrochemical production.

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Off-Color Product Detection for Resin Manufacturers. Vista is equipped to simultaneously test the efficacy of your UV blockers and detect any haze in your product. Read on to find out how its fast measurements can improve your QA processes.

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Solvents and Intermediates

Dual Measurements and Fume Hood Compatibility for Solvent Manufacturers. Vista is the ideal instrument for measuring the color and haze of caustic and volatile chemicals. It is rugged enough to handle spills, and it is small enough to fit in your fume hood. Read on to find out more about how Vista can help ensure clarity in your solvent

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