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Vista for Petrochemical Manufacturers

Your clients depend on your petrochemical products. Whether they’re lubricating their turbine or using them for synthesis, they expect consistency in their petrochemical supply. That’s why you depend on your transmission spectrophotometer to test your batches before they’re delivered to your clients. In the high-volume, high-speed, high-reliability world of petrochemical production, you need a spectrophotometer that can keep up with the pace of the industry. We listened. We designed. And we delivered Vista, the fastest, simplest, most connected spectrophotometer available.

Simpler setup. Fewer errors.

Color and haze are only two of the many QA/QC tests that your samples undergo. Transferring samples from instrument to instrument adds time to your process. This also raises the possibility of user error as technicians sift through menu after menu. We wanted to help, so we built Vista to be as simple to use as possible. Our touch-operated menus speed up setup and simplify parameter selection, reducing user error.

The scales for all your substances

Vista is as diverse as your product line. Whether you’re testing ethylene, propylene, toluene, benzene, xylene isomers, or less common olefins and aromatics, Vista can make the measurements you need. Different chemicals require different scales, so Vista comes preloaded with every industry scale you’ll need. That’s APHA/Pt-Co/Hazen for clear to yellowish liquids, ASTM D1500, Saybolt for light petroleum, LOVIBOND®, AOCS, and L*a*b*. It can display results on multiple scales simultaneously, too, or email them directly to your library. Vista displays your results however you want to see them.

Finding particulates. Fixing your process.

Your quality control is only as good as your process and you want to keep it clean. Haze measurements can make you aware of any contamination in your process. This used to require a dedicated standalone instrument. That added an extra step to your quality control procedures, clogged up benchtop space, and added more line items to your ongoing maintenance costs. In Vista, we combined color and haze measurement into a single instrument, faster, smaller, and more affordable than either on its own.

Elbow room in the fume hood.

We know that fume hoods are a necessity when you’re handling volatile compounds and that they get crowded fast. We thought you could use a little more elbow room, so we built Vista to be ⅓ the size of other transmission spectrophotometers. Better yet, it measures color and haze, eliminating the need for a bulky standalone haze measurement instrument entirely. And because it can email results directly, there’s no need to connect it to a nearby PC. For a little instrument, Vista makes a big difference.

Faster measurements. Higher volumes.

Waiting thirty seconds per color measurement for hundreds of samples every day is adding hours of work to your process every week. With large volumes of petrochemicals to test and a tight production schedule to meet, wasting hours is wasting money. We redesigned the transmission spectrophotometer with a single high-speed processor instead of multiple inefficient nodes. With Vista, color measurement takes five seconds or less. That means you can test more samples, in less time.

With over 64 years experience working with the leading firms in the petrochemical industry, HunterLab is a trusted name in color measurement solutions. After all, we’re responsible for creating the CIE L*a*b* scale in the first place. To learn more about how Vista can help improve your quality control and assurance processes, contact our friendly, knowledgeable sales professionals today

LOVIBOND® is a registered trademark of The Tintometer Ltd., UK.

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