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BioPharma Solutions

Vista for Modern Biopharma Manufacturers

We at HunterLab know that deviations in your product could mean that it will not meet compliance standards. Product consistency is necessary, and we know that you need reliable quality control processes. We have demonstrated industry-leading repeatability in color quality control for over sixty-five years, and in that time HunterLab has become a name you know you can trust. You can depend on Vista to provide you with an accurate, repeatable measurement on every sample. Vista’s more than just accurate, though. It’s faster, simpler, and more connected than other transmission spectrophotometers. With Vista, reliable product quality is as simple as pushing a button.

Tiny samples. Adjustable holders.

We know that your liquid biopharmaceutical products are expensive to manufacture and are created in small batches. We want you to be able to keep your sample sizes as small as possible. We designed Vista with this in mind. Our custom sample holders can accommodate a wide range of sample sizes, with volumes as low as 1-2 mL. All sample sizes are automatically aligned, so you never have to worry about proper placement. That means Vista delivers an accurate reading, every time.

Simple to use, for difficult environments

Clean room suits and gloves can significantly inhibit your technician’s fine dexterity, making samples difficult to handle and buttons hard to press. Vista’s large sample compartment allows technicians wearing the thickest gloves to place their samples easily, reducing the risk of expensive spills. Once a standard has been selected, technicians don’t need to worry about pushing small buttons with thick fingers, either. Touching a large button on Vista’s display screen once is enough to begin measurement. Vista’s small footprint doesn’t take up valuable clean room space, and it’s only 9 lbs, meaning no extra equipment is needed to transport it.

One touch standardization. Guaranteed accuracy.

Proper instrument calibration is a necessity, but we realize how tedious it can be. Previous spectrophotometer calibration routines were time-consuming and required multiple colored disks that could easily be misplaced or damaged. Vista frees up time by eliminating this procedure. Once a technician selects a standardization from the menu, Vista calibrates automatically, without the colored disks.

Global sales. Global standards.

Your customers may be across the globe, so we have loaded the Vista with industry scales for pharmaceutical markets around the world. It can display results in EP, USP, L*a*b*, NTU 0 – 120, EP: R, Y, B, BY, GY, USP: A – T, and JP: A – T. Its 7” LCD touchscreen display clearly displays results on a single scale or on any combination of scales.

HunterLab has decades of experience providing the biopharmaceutical world with color measurement solutions they can rely on. We know what it takes to deliver the high-quality results you need, because we’ve been there time and again to deliver them. Based on our expertise, we designed Vista to be the ideal instrument for any clear liquid product you’re manufacturing. It’s fast, it’s simple to use, and it generates repeatable results. You can rely on us, so your customers can rely on you. To learn more about how Vista can improve your laboratory process, contact our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff today.

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